Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a building system?

Simply put, a building system is a highly engineered method of producing buildings or building components in an efficient and cost-effective manner. The use of building systems is common in many different types of residential and commercial construction. A modular home is the culmination of one type of building system. Apex modular homes actually begin as components—individual units—designed, engineered, and assembled in an indoor controlled environment, sometimes hundreds of miles away from their final destination. When these components come together on your building site and final construction is completed by your builder, they become a new home for you and your family.

Tell me more about the modular construction process.

The modular construction process is similar to what you’ve seen during the construction of other homes in your neighborhood. The same quality materials are used, the same care for detail is followed, and the same building codes and standards are observed. What’s different? Efficiency and quality control.

The modular construction process begins at the design phase. Most modular home producers use state-of-the-art computer-assisted design stations which aid them in quickly customizing floor plans and producing drawings and material requirement lists. Once a home has been finalized, the modular construction process begins.

Efficiency begins with modern factory assembly line techniques. Your modular home travels to workstations, with all building trades represented. Modular construction is never delayed by weather, subcontractor no-shows, or missing materials. In addition, quality engineering and modular construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of your modular home. A quality control process provides 100% assurance that your modular home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship, and in-plant inspectors as well as independent inspection agencies inspect Apex modular homes on behalf of your state and local government.

How long does it take to build a modular home?

Speed and consistent quality are two of the many advantages of modular construction. On average, a modular home consisting of two modules will be factory-processed in six or seven days. Once the manufacturing process is complete, typically with interior finish right down to carpets and wall finish, the unit must be transferred to the building site and placed on its foundation. Final modular home completion is usually handled by a local builder or general contractor and includes connection of utilities to the modular home and a short list of finish work. Normally, a modular home is completed in six to eight weeks after it’s set.

I get confused when i see the terms “manufactured home” and “modular home.” What’s the difference?

“Manufactured homes,” often referred to as mobile homes or trailers, represent an entirely different type of building system than modular homes and are constructed to a different building standard. This standard, the Federal Construction Safety Standards Act (HUD/CODE), unlike conventional building codes, requires manufactured homes to be constructed on a non-removable steel chassis. Many communities have placed restrictions on where manufactured homes may be located.

Unlike manufactured homes, however, modular homes are constructed to the building codes required by your state, county, and specific locality and are not restricted by building or zoning regulations. Modular homes are removed, via crane, from the steel carriers and placed on a solid foundation. Modular homes are inspected during every phase of construction, and evidence of this inspection is normally indicated by a State or inspection agency label of approval.

Can i design my own modular home instead of using a standard modular home plan?

Yes! With Apex Homes, you have complete design flexibility.

I know that modular homes are built to the same codes as site-built homes. is financing any different?

There is no distinction between modular and site-built homes as far as appraisal or financing. Banks and lending institutions treat both types of construction in the same manner. Likewise, there is no difference in insuring the modular property.

How do i buy a modular home?

Most modular home manufacturers market their homes through local builders or developers. This is because modular home manufacturers are just that, manufacturers of modular home components. Modular home manufacturers rely on the experience of builders within local communities to assist homeowners in many areas, including lot selection and site preparation. When dealing with such a large purchase, it is always best to have expert advice. Our builders manage the finish work and complete the house to turn-key status.

What do modular homes look like?

Modular homes look like any other home. Today’s modular construction technology has allowed modular manufacturers to specialize in homes, ranging from small, simple designs, to highly customized contemporary houses. And modular construction doesn’t stop with houses. Today’s modular producers are busy building banks, schools, office buildings, and hotels. Chances are you’ve been in many modular structures and not even realized it.

What are SYSTEM-BUILT homes?

SYSTEM-BUILT homes incorporate the most advanced developments in the modular construction industry into the modular home building process.

Built using a combination of panelized and modular construction, Apex SYSTEM-BUILT homes benefit from the latest in total modular construction technology. Under our SYSTEM-BUILT program, every modular home design is analyzed to determine the best and most cost-effective manner to construct the home, while maintaining the utmost level of customization. The homeowner can finally get exactly what he or she wants while benefiting from the structural and economic advantages associated with modular construction.

How was the SYSTEM-BUILT technology developed?

Most modular home companies began as an offshoot of the manufactured home industry. These companies set out to create an upscale product using low-tech construction techniques—a philosophy that helped create the modular construction business in the “starter home” market but was much too limited to attract custom-oriented homebuyers in the mid and upper markets.

Apex Homes’ SYSTEM-BUILT technology, however, directly resulted from taking stick-built construction techniques and adapting them to modular construction principles. By combining the high-end construction methods already in use by the stick-built industry with the convenience and precision of the modular construction world, Apex Homes was able to successfully produce modular homes ranging from economical starter houses to million-dollar estate homes. Today, our ability to bring you the best of the modular, panelized, and stick-built industries results in homes which are not only more affordable than traditionally built homes but are also higher in quality.

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