Our History as a Modular Home Manufacturer

Our History as a Modular Home Manufacturer

Apex Homes is a full-service wholesale custom modular home manufacturer serving most of the East Coast.

A privately held corporation, Apex Homes was established in 1989 by the late Robert Nipple. On July 10, 1990, with a small group of industry professionals, a production force of about 100, and the support of a handful of key builders, Apex began production of our first modular home through our 40,000-square-foot facility in Middleburg, Pennsylvania. Our innovation, quality, and value as a modular home manufacturer made an immediate impact on the American modular housing industry.

Growing to Meet Your Needs

Since 1990, Apex Homes has steadily grown as a modular home manufacturer in order to meet the demands of our expanding market and the changing needs of our customers. First, we introduced the modular home industry to SYSTEM-BUILT technology, a construction method which combines modular, panelized, and traditional stick-framed construction. This opened the door to a new breed of customized modular product, allowing the construction of modular designs once thought to only be possible with traditional site building technologies. Later, we responded to our customers’ request for a value series product with the introduction of Alpine Homes, a value-packed line of ranch homes that has become a favorite in cost-conscious markets.

Our expertise as a modular home manufacturer, however, didn’t stop with residential construction. Apex also expanded into the design and construction of multi-family and light commercial structures, townhomes, condominiums, hotels, offices, schools, and even churches.

Our Current Market Position

Today, Apex has served as modular home manufacturer on well over eleven thousand homes in seventeen states and five foreign countries. Our facility has grown to include 109,000 square feet of production space and 47,000 square feet of material storage space. We currently employ over 100 people and produce over 700 homes per year. Our market area now includes seventeen states along the Eastern Seaboard and contains a growing clientele list of well over 170 approved Apex builders.

The Future of Modular Home Construction

The future of modular home construction is a promising one; each year our percentage of the housing market grows as traditional builders continue to struggle with skilled labor shortages, costly time delays, and cost over-runs. At Apex Homes, we look forward to moving into the future with a strong commitment to our building concept, striving to offer the market the finest that modular construction has to offer.

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