Why Modular?

Apex Homes represent both cutting-edge technology and time-tested craftsmanship.

Since Apex Homes are designed, engineered and assembled in a carefully controlled environment, there is never a chance of poor weather or late material delivery hindering the construction of your customized living environment.

These homes are easily customized and available with unlimited option upgrades.

Our team works closely with the homeowner and the builder to achieve their dream home.

The Modular Home Construction Process

Apex Homes are models of efficiency and quality assurance. The Apex Homes commitment to excellence begins at the design phase. Our computer-assisted design technology aids us in customizing floor plans and creating your ultimate dream home. After all designs have been finalized, the building process begins.

Apex Homes construction is made possible by state-of-the-art factory assembly line techniques. A new modular home will travel from workstation to workstation, with all building trades represented. Work is never delayed by weather or missing materials. Specialized modular home construction techniques significantly increase the energy efficiency of every modular home we produce.

Modular Construction Means Consistent Quality

Due to carefully controlled building conditions, Apex Homes construction ensures consistent high quality. Housing components are never subjected to inclement weather. Apex Homes construction is carefully monitored. In addition, a thorough quality control process provides 100% assurance that your modular home has been inspected for code compliance and workmanship. (In-house inspectors as well as independent inspection agencies will inspect your modular home on behalf of your state and local government.)

The Industry’s Latest Modular Construction Techniques

All Apex Homes are SYSTEM-BUILT and reflect the modular home industry’s newest modular construction techniques. By incorporating total modular construction technology into both our design and production, Apex Homes builds custom homes which are of the highest quality and as cost effective as possible. The result of a highly engineered modular construction process, an Apex Home represents an array of structural and economic advantages.

Time to Completion

Speed is one of the many advantages that come with choosing a modular home builder to construct your new home. On average, a modular home builder like Apex Homes can factory-process a house consisting of two modules in six or seven days. Once this process is complete, the modular home builder will then transport the house to its building site and place it on its foundation. The modular home builder will then turn final completion, which includes utility connection and a short list of finish work, over to a local builder or general contractor. Under normal circumstances, a modular home is completed in six to eight weeks after set.

For more information on the advantages of choosing Apex Homes as your modular home builder, email us today or call 800-326-9524.